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The company group has proven its skills as a partner for its customers through the achievement of perfect cost-effectiveness ratios, in particular for the manufacture of high-precision parts and/or components for the areas of gears, engines and transmissions.


Annual turnoverapprox. 150 m EUR
Turnover share automotive96 %
Production locations5


STP perfects its components through a systematic interchange of development using the latest data communication systems in the area of engineering and development. The challenge is to present our customers with a perfect component solution at an optimal cost and reduced weight while meeting increasing demands. For this we similarly offer machining using highly modern machinery up to the finished part and/or installation component. We process approx. 60,000 t of steel annually and produce from this more than 17 m forged parts and 11 m machined components.


We use the latest hammer lines and CNC manufacturing technology in order to ensure extreme precision, the shortest possible manufacturing times and a high level of repeatable accuracy. WTP has a broad range of various machines which meet all our clients’ challenges and wishes.


As a partner to the international automotive industry we are certified to:

  • IATF 16949:2016
  • DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 14001:2004
  • ISO 50001:2011

The certificates are available to you below for downloading.


The high quality of our products is very substantially influenced by the quality of the goods and services that we purchase. As the share of the purchased volume is more than 50 % of our turnover, the purchasing process has a great influence on the achievement of our company goals.

Our customers expect short delivery times, stable prices, a high quality level and consistent product innovations from us.

We fundamentally endeavour to have long-term, trusting business relationships with our suppliers with the aim of continuously improving the services and processes in close collaboration. The task of the Purchasing department is the securing of supplies as and when they are needed for all required goods and services at an optimal price performance ratio in order to guarantee an uninterrupted production flow.

We invite you, as an innovative supplier, to take on this challenge together with us. You can obtain information here on our procurement programme, our requirements and the organisation of the Purchasing department of the STP Group.

Procurement programme

  • Raw materials (high-grade steel bars, tool steel, forged parts)
  • Technical purchasing (investments, maintenance)
  • General purchasing (auxiliary and operating materials, services)
  • External machining of forged parts (mechanical processing, heat treatment)
  • Trading goods

Purchasing volume

  • Total purchase volume > 80 m €
  • Investment volume > 11 m €
  • Steel purchasing volume approx. 60,000 t

Requirements: You should fulfil the following conditions in order to become an STP supplier:

  • Certification to DIN EN ISO 9001/IATF 16949
  • Flexibility in your capacities
  • Tried and tested quality processes
  • A dial-up connection for the exchange of drawing and business data

Purchasing offices

  • Central Purchasing Plettenberg
  • Purchasing WTP Plettenberg
  • Purchasing SPC Theley
  • Purchasing Bad Emstal


Precision and reliability from the very start – Our customers place demands on our skills on a daily basis. This particularly applies to the constantly new development of highly-stressed components.